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As the strategic hubs of organizations, it is the primary task of Boards to ensure the enduring vitality of the companies they drive. Yet their own fitness is just as critical. Today’s Boards are running strategic and operational marathons, increasingly in the spotlight and challenged by share- and stakeholder groups who have never been more informed, demanding, or vocal.

High-functioning Boards are successfully running the extra mile. They are representative and diverse, not only in terms of demographic statistics, but also in terms of characteristics (diversity of 'thought').

Their Independent Directors are integrated in a way that has risen beyond statutory norms to new levels of advisory excellence. They are not only fit for today, but justifiably confident in their succession for tomorrow. Their Nominations Committees have widened their scope: from preserving a traditional inner circle of familiar candidates, to acting as an expert and objective human capital interface. One that also has a firm grip on technology and innovation.

Yet the reality for most Boards is different.

As organizations reconfigure for growth and globalization, many are facing serious governance questions for the first time. Their task is complicated by regulatory developments whose pace and form differs by geography, ownership type, listed status and, in some countries, sector. Further dilemmas surround the transfer of leadership from family or founding members to external professionals, or structural tensions pitching centralization versus decentralization.

Yet, despite unevenness, the underlying trend in global governance legislation is ticking up towards new and better standards, as national regulatory bodies look to the global picture for learning and synchronicity.

As such, the transformative opportunities for Boards have never been greater. All the more so, if they benefit from robust external advisorship.

Our Expertise

Amrop works to assure the design and implementation of diverse, forward looking and connected boards. We act as Trusted Advisor to the Executive, Supervisory and Advisory Boards of dynamic organizations all over the world, across a spectrum of industries.

Three Service Areas: Board Search, Board Evaluation and Board Advisory

1: Board-Search | Appointments: Chair, NED and Board Formation

We help define your optimal Board composition, creating strategy-fit and dynamic boards, Director by Director. Amrop’s reputation, exceptional access, research-based approach and holistic evaluation combine to create a strong platform. Our team:

  • Identifies strengths and gaps in your Board: skills, experience, demographic and cognitive diversity
  • Examines needs for new demographic profiles, specialist/technical skillsets
  • Integrates fast-evolving governance requirements and organizational strategy
  • Identifies, assesses, and presents Leaders For What’s Next who can flex to shifting strategic and operating environments across borders.

 The Board Search Process

  • Strategy and Targeting: Contextual analysis and search strategy, agreement on profile(s)/’spec’ and requirements, list of target organizations
  • Long List of Candidates: Direct research, (networked and technology-enabled), analysis of candidate compelling attributes vs. spec, initiation of contacts, long list
  • Shortlist: Candidate interviews, shortlist, contextual report identifying the best-qualified candidates
  • Selection: Shortlist to client, client interviews, selection of the best-qualified candidate(s), references and background checking
  • Post Hire Onboarding + Integration: Assistance in contract negotiations, client feedback on the process quality, support successful candidate(s) until starting date and beyond.

2: Board Evaluation | Analysis and Feedback at Individual and Collective Level

Every Board Member should be a great contributor to a High Performing Team. The strength of a team is more than the sum of its parts; the secret is a clever combination of profiles and capabilities. The right functional and personal skillset, combination and complementarity, combine to optimize the value of the governance organ.

We blend data collection techniques for a holistic analysis of your Board and its Members.

  • Uncovers the profile of every Board Member
  • Uncovers strengths and pitfalls in each Board Member’s contribution
  • Gives constructive feed-back to every individual Board Member
  • Identifies gaps and blind spots in Board composition
  • Provides indications to the Chair and Nominating Committee when building or completing the team
  • Reassures Shareholders and Regulators by fulfilling Corporate Governance requirements
  • Applies an ‘under the skin’ methodology, adding value rather than simple box-ticking.

 The Board Evaluation Process

  • Phase 1: Collective evaluation (BET©). Self-evaluation of the Board by its Members. 11 Areas, 53 Statements
  • Phase 2: Focus on individual Board Members. Interviews with individual Board Members / shadowing of Board meetings
  • Phase 3: Final Presentation & Feedback. A holistic Board review and roadmap

 Read more about the BET©.

3: Board Advisory | Benchmarking, Frameworks, Compensation and Compliance

  • Benchmarking Boards for External Review
  • Building a robust framework for effective Board Management
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Governance compliance.

The Amrop Global Board Services Practice

Composed of Amrop Executive Board Members and Managing Partners, our Board Services Practice is configured to share, synthesize and replicate trends, innovations and thought leadership across our 50+ operating markets, and act as a trusted center of excellence for our Member Firms - and thereby our clients.

Click here to meet the Core Team of the Global Board Services Practice.

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