Industry 4.0 require leaders with knowledge in several disciplines including supply chain, production and digitization. Amrop Sweden has closely followed and adapted recruitment for the challenges facing industrial organisations of today.

’Made in Sweden’ has always been associated with high quality and the industrial sector has for well over a century been a major driving force in the Swedish economy. Despite the fact that Sweden is a relatively small country, it’s industrial companies have been able to succeed globally. Several large companies were founded over a century ago, and has grown from family owned community organizations into important chains in the world economy. 

At Amrop Sweden, we have experience of recruiting Senior Executives to industrial companies, general management and corporate functions including CEO, CFO, Head of Supply Chain, Business Area Managers, Lean Management, etc. Our vast experience within the industrial sector makes us confident to to say that we are recruiting industrial leaders who are ready for what's next!

Industrial Globally

Agile and forward-looking organizations are innovatively combining these forces to connect machines, components and data systems along the entire value chain. Unprecedented levels of product customization are already possible for the brightest and best players.

Meanwhile, two further shifts are compounding the challenges and opportunities of Industry 4.0: legislative intricacy and a rising world population.

This is nothing short of a fourth industrial revolution. Yet its progress is already being slowed by talent shortage. For a new profile of leadership is now needed: able to transform complexity into opportunity across functional, geographical and conceptual borders. Whilst the call for such talent is on the rise globally, some regions, like Asia, are experiencing a particularly steep scale of development.


Amrop’s Industrial Practice is configured to anticipate and respond to the talent needs of globalizing organizations in the following sub-sectors:

Automotive OEM (Manufacturers), OES (1st and 2nd tier suppliers, specialists), Distribution (importers, wholesale, retail, OEM and independent) Services (consulting, engineering, IT, marketing etc).

Industrial basic materials (steel and aluminum, plastics) to agricultural machines, machine tools, packaging, plant and engineering, aerospace, marine and power generation and beyond.

Based on over 30 years’ experience, Amrop’s Industrial Practice offers dedicated expertise in Executive Services, Leadership Services and Board Services to secure Leaders For What’s Next – the professionals who will enable ambitious players to plan, initiate and execute with agility, efficiency and sustainability.

We combine industrial insight with local know-how, connecting local or regional variances to a global framework within the largest global partnership of our kind.

All Amrop Member Firms are led by entrepreneurs and shareholders, people who are deeply committed to long-term client relationships based in trusted advisorship.

Relentlessly context driven, our understanding of the specific needs and goals of each client enables us to identify and attract high-performing leaders:

General management (non-executive and C-level executives).

Corporate functions: finance, HR, IT, legal, environment, safety and health, and CSR.

Operations and business development, supply chain and quality, R&D and design, marketing and sales, services and components.

Lean Management/Toyota Production System at senior and shop floor management level.

Many positions need to be filled at corporate or regional management level. Amrop is exceptionally well placed to enable international expansion from EMEA to Asia, CEE, LATAM, and North America, boasting one of the most tightly-knit office networks in these regions.


Amrop’s Industrial Practice Group is composed of more than 50 Partners and Consultants, based in virtually every industrial city in the world.

Click below to meet the global Core Team:

Igor Sulik, Bratislava

Michal Lewinski, Warsaw

Jason Ward, New York City

Patrick Ference, Charlotte/Houston

Ulrich Beckendorff, Duesseldorf

Claire Jouffroy, Paris

Matthias Rodewald, Munich

Larry Ross, Toronto


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