Purposeful Leadership Dillemas 1: The Short-term / Long-term Dilemma

Many companies are ready to move forward with ambitious targets, adapting their operations or revising their corporate strategy, and aligning with sustainability targets such as the SDGs. However, when it comes to delivering against shareholder value and yearly or quarterly growth targets, many leaders are challenged to deliver objectives that integrate short-term profits with long-term strategic objectives.

Amrop's Willem Ledeboer, Partner at Amrop The Netherlands and Global Practice Leader, Financial Services, offers a new perspective and leadership concept for Companies and CEOs in these times of global change and business transformation towards sustainability.

For corporate leaders to be successful in this challenge, they will require strong support from their executive committee or board: there is need for a mindset shift. As investments in sustainability have become unavoidable for companies, the question is therefore which companies will be able to leverage these investments and capitalize on both, profit and purpose.

The investor community will be one of the key groups to unlock opportunities and set new standards across markets. Recently, former CEO David crane of NRG Energy critically noted that “investors will say that they want companies to disrupt themselves before they get disrupted, but shareholders, executives, employees, and board members rarely want to volunteer for the short term sacrifices needed to make change happen.”

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